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Closing date for next applications to be confirmed

Please Note:

To be eligible to apply for a grant, your organisation must be located in and serve the community in the 4122 postcode area. The organisation must be an Incorporated Association or a School Parents and Friends Association and be eligible for Income Tax Exemption. The Management Committee of Club Southside Inc. reserves the right, under special circumstances, to consider an organisation operating outside the designated post code area.

GST Registered?

Income Tax Exempt?

Deductible Gift Recipient?

Contact Person (for enquiries regarding application)

Conditions of application submission:

1. A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation is to be included with the Application

2. No correspondence will be entered into in regard to the approval or non approval of a grant

3. Grants will be approved for successful applicants for a minimum of $250 to a maximum of $4,000. Only one project per application per organisation will be considered.

4 Where applicable, quotes supporting the application should be attached.

5.PLEASE NOTE: Upon receipt of a grant and within six months, the recipient organisation must advise the Management Committee of Club Southside Inc., in writing, details of the manner in which the grant funds were expended. Copies of relevant invoices should be attached.

Amount of Funds Required

Attach Certificate of Incorporation

I/We hereby certify that the above details are current and correct and agree to accept the terms
and conditions as set out above.